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Quick Hair Styler for Men

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Product size: 20*2.5*1   

 Color box specifications: 26*8*5

3 Mins Hair Straightener

Waking up in messy hair every morning? This 3 Mins Hair Straightener is perfect for styling Your hair with the latest trends. Straighten Your curly hair, volume up Your top hair. Unlike the traditional curling iron, simply comb the hair and it will magically transform it in minutes! Invest 3 minutes every day to get these amazing effects all day long!

  • Say Goodbye to Bad Hair Days: Change subdued top hair to flowing hair. Keep flowing hair all day.
  • Easy to Use: Just comb to solve problems
  • Amazing Effects: Volume up, side hair down, curly hair straight!
  • Long Lasting: Lasts all day by using it just 3 minutes a day


  • Material: ABS
  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Plug: C Type Plug


1.Stick to comb side to scalp
2.Slowly comb to backward providing heat to root of hair sufficiently (0.5cm per 1Second)
3.Styling with wax


  • 1 x 3 Mins Hair Straightener