Matte non-stick cup lip glaze set Jasminesshop Beauty Q4pcs 1set

Matte non-stick cup lip glaze set

CJBJHZKH00092-Q4pcs 1set

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New box

4x3ml deluxe size


Spice pumpkin

Sugar cookies

Cinnamon Bear

Hot Buttered Rum

Melt your heart out with this Matte Plus Liquified Long Wear Lipstick.

In yummy Christmas, innovative scents formulated glides over the lips

Like gloss, but dries to ultra-opaque matte.

Lip color with Volulip ™ for no sting plumping and smoothing effect and

Properties of avocado oil, vitamin E and hyaluronic Filling Spheres provide moisture and smooth lips.

Lightweight, wearable formula, comfortable to wear.