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Marine Corps Hat


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Name: Thin horizontal striped navy cap
Fabric: Cotton
Size: Children 54cm (Adjustable size 4-13 years old, wearable 13 years old or older
Adult model), adult 58cm (adjustable size)
Craft: Embroidered letters, printed navy stripes
Uses: men, women and children, traveling, stage performance, parent-child shooting, couples
Shooting, wedding photography, group outings, event performances, etc. are widely used.

  Pay attention to the following points when you first receive your hat:

1. When the hat is delivered from the big box, it is taken out from the big box, and then loaded into the small box, there is no trial wear in the middle, try to support, plus 2-4 days in the transportation, so just It is inevitable that it will be a little wrinkled when it is taken out, just like ours is normal.
2. When the pictures on the Internet were taken, the hat was held up with a cap and tried on, so it looked very full. When I received the hat, it was a bit flat, not full of drums.
3. Treatment method: first wipe it with a wet towel, then put some paper or newspaper inside the hat (about 1 day) and then wear it, you can restore the original hat type. If you can steam it, it will be perfect!