Silicone Eye Lash Shields Pads Jasminesshop Beauty 1set

Silicone Eye Lash Shields Pads


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Store Description:

Get stunning eyelash curls like a professional. This product gently lifts and perms the natural lashes from the root, giving the appearance of longer and thicker lashes. There is no more need to curl your eyelashes every morning!! You won’t need to worry about losing your precious eyelashes that may get caught in your eyelash curler daily.

Instead, you’ll wake up with beautiful, fluttery curled lashes - as if you were born with it! With our easy to use Silicone Eye Lash Shields Pads, your delicate lashes will appear naturally elongated and frame your captivating bright eyes. Let our eyelash boost your confidence and enhance your beauty!


Item Type: Lifting Eye Lash Pad 
Material: Silicone 
Colour: Clear 
Size: S, M, L ​